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Shenzhen Bobet Technology Co.,Ltd. & Shenzhen DEC motor manufacturer came into electric motors fields in earlier 1996, after years some main founders establish this company in 2014, and then always dedicated to the manufacture of the gearboxes and motor products ,with OBM,ODM and OEM direct service.that we have been 10 years of alibaba gold supplier,transaction can be dealed by alibaba trade assurance online.the main products can be classified into the following series: namely DC motors, DC Servo motor,DC gear motors, AC motors, AC Servo motors, stepper motors, brushless dc motors, hub motors,right angle motors, Stepper gear motor, Servo motor with precision gearbox and Linear actuator series and related drivers and controllers,motors with brake and encoders,the power capacity could be from 1/8 hp,1/4 hp,1/2 hp,3/4 hp, 1 hp and up to 2kw,speed from 1rpm to nearly 30000rpm. Torque from 0.1kgf.cm to 1Nm,5Nm,10Nm,20Nm,30Nm,50Nm to nearly 100Nm.

As a major manufacturer of high-performance motor, Bobet Motor offers total satisfaction to its worldwide customers in industry, Agriculture,automotive industry, financial equipment, household appliance, industrial automation and robotics, medical equipment, office equipment, packing machinery and transmission industry, offering customers reliable tailored solutions for driving and controlling.

It has been 24 years since the production and business of Shenzhen Bobet Technology Co.,Ltd. And in the growth of Bobet Motor, we have served a great number of foreign customers, our orders are mainly from China domestic market to North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. and we became the electric gear motor wholesale supplier,OBM,ODM and OEM,customization service is also available.It’s proud to say that our products have spread all over the world. And during the years, we have established a strong bond with many customers. Our production base is located in Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province. With the advanced technology and advanced manufacturing facilities,super convenient transport condition, such as shipping by sea,by air and by express which can be picked up and started the delivery within one day, we can finish all the processes independently of making products.Bobet Motors is striving to be your first choice in choosing motor supplier and deliver you the best products and services. 

our power of electric motors and bldc motors and gearboxes

Knowledge about electric motors:

General informationSelection reference

    DC motor (universal type, suitable for high speed drive type, strong overload capacity, easy to use, low cost, convenient for positive and negative conversion)Need to know voltage, speed, torque, power, size, usage.High efficiency, such as no brush motor life.

commutator and rotor of brush dc motorBrush and bearing of brush dc motor

    Stepper motor (suitable for low speed, high torque, precise positioning, need driver to control speed and direction)You need to know the size, step angle, and holding torque, whether you need a driver

2 phase-nema23 hybrid stepper motor with DM542 driver

   Brushless dc motor (suitable for high speed, high torque, long life, high efficient,saving energy,but need driver(inner driver or outer driver) to drive and control the motor rotate with the speed and direction. You need to know the size,voltage,speed,torque,power, whether you need a driver built-in or separately outer driver.

brushless dc motor with driver board

    Servo motor (suitable for high speed, large torque and precise positioning, driver required)Need to know voltage, speed, torque, power, size, usage, encoder specification.

    when and how to use gearbox(reducer)? Need lower speed and bigger torque motors. There are many types of Gearboxes which can match dc motors,stepper motors,servo motors…normally if we need precision control ,we should choose precision gearbox which has small backlash to match a stepper motor or servo motors,such as bevel(helical ) gear planetary or right angle gearbox.

Here is the formula to calculate the gear motor performance:

Gearbox Output speed = Electric motor speed / ratio of gearbox

Gearbox output torque =Electric motor torque * ratio of gearbox * efficience

Input power of electric motor(watt)=U(Voltage,v)*I(Current,ampere)

electric motor and driver,encoder,speed-torque curve,brake,shaft or axle customize OEM



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